Monday, August 31, 2009

Oakland A's 2010 Roster

Here is my thoughts on the roster coming into next season. I have not completly come to final agreement on the roster. We still have battles to be decided as well as people returning from injury. Here is my thoughts

C - Kurt Suzuki
1B - Daric Barton ??? (Can he hold the position from Everidge/Carter)
2B - Mark Ellis
SS - Chad Pennington ??? (Does he hit enough to hold this position)
3B - Open Space ???? (Who plays Third - Chavez, Wallace, Kennedy)
LF - Scott Hairston ??? (Buck, Cunningham other???)
CF - Rajai Davis ??? (Is Davis the centerfielder of the future)
RF - Ryan Sweeney
DH - Jack Cust

SP - Brett Anderson
SP - Gio Gonzalez
SP - Trevor Cahill
SP - Dallas Braden
SP - Vin Mazzaro

What about Outman or any other young starter

RP - Michael Wuertz
RP - Brad Zeigler
RP - Craig Breslow
RP - Jeff Grey
RP - Open Space
RP - Andrew Bailey
CL - Joey Devine

Does Bailey close next year or does Devine get healthy enough to start the season
I left an open space - who fills that position


C - Powell
INF (3b/1b) - Everidge (Maybe Kennedy signs to be this person, maybe someone else)
INF (SS/2b) - Open Space (Pennington - if they sign a SS or elevate another youngster)
OF - Travis Buck (Does he start or even make the roster, what about Cunningham)

What do you think? Did I get it right or did I completely mess up?



Friday, August 28, 2009

Sharks make a trade today. Not the one I was hoping for but it clears cap space. The trade hopefully this will open up the bigger trade we all are waiting for

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sports Update My A's thoughts

The A's pulled off a great win, beating the Angels. It may not matter much in the bigger scheme of things but it is a good win overall. Cahill looked great which hopefully will let him turn the corner. Anderson and Gonzalez are looking like they have figured it out, Mazzaro is still working, and Cahill is going good. The major turning point in the next couple games and the rest of the season is can the hitting finally take hold. Can Pennington hold down short, who plays third/first and what do we do in the outfield. Can Chris Carter play first or does Everidge/Barton take that spot. Do we expect Davis and Hairston to man the other outfield spots or does Buck and Cunningham take those openings. The pitching is set for years to come but do we have the hitting or do we become the Giants who have great pitching but no other hitter but Sandoval. Let me know your thoughts


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End of Night

The work day is finally over for me and its almost time to go home. I get to sit back and relax until the last movie exits the building. That is probably the worst thing as an assistant manager I have to sit her and wait till the patrons from the last movie Inglorious Bastards. If you follow Bay Area sports then you should know I am a huge A's and 49ers fan. The 49ers are looking good and my A's look better but are still a ways away from competing. Hoping to go to a couple more A's games and I'm definitely read for Football to start. I wanted to keep my season tickets for the 49ers but finance are scarce and I had to let them go. But I will still try to get out to see a couple games this year so GO NINERS! Hope everyone has a good night.

P.S any info on movies send me some questions. I can answer most info on when tickets will be available for new movies and will try to add some reviews coming up.



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day as a blogger

This is my first day as a blogger and here is my first attempt. After class all morning I am now going into my second life as Cinemark (slave) employee. I have to close tonight at work tonight and next week starts the slow season. This means no more actual manager shift but I get to fill staff shifts in box office. The problem with that is I am the highest ranking assistant manger and i am relagated to filling shifts that our newest employees fill. Basketball tomorrow yeah after a very long sleep tonight. More to come at a later time