Monday, August 31, 2009

Oakland A's 2010 Roster

Here is my thoughts on the roster coming into next season. I have not completly come to final agreement on the roster. We still have battles to be decided as well as people returning from injury. Here is my thoughts

C - Kurt Suzuki
1B - Daric Barton ??? (Can he hold the position from Everidge/Carter)
2B - Mark Ellis
SS - Chad Pennington ??? (Does he hit enough to hold this position)
3B - Open Space ???? (Who plays Third - Chavez, Wallace, Kennedy)
LF - Scott Hairston ??? (Buck, Cunningham other???)
CF - Rajai Davis ??? (Is Davis the centerfielder of the future)
RF - Ryan Sweeney
DH - Jack Cust

SP - Brett Anderson
SP - Gio Gonzalez
SP - Trevor Cahill
SP - Dallas Braden
SP - Vin Mazzaro

What about Outman or any other young starter

RP - Michael Wuertz
RP - Brad Zeigler
RP - Craig Breslow
RP - Jeff Grey
RP - Open Space
RP - Andrew Bailey
CL - Joey Devine

Does Bailey close next year or does Devine get healthy enough to start the season
I left an open space - who fills that position


C - Powell
INF (3b/1b) - Everidge (Maybe Kennedy signs to be this person, maybe someone else)
INF (SS/2b) - Open Space (Pennington - if they sign a SS or elevate another youngster)
OF - Travis Buck (Does he start or even make the roster, what about Cunningham)

What do you think? Did I get it right or did I completely mess up?



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