Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sports Update My A's thoughts

The A's pulled off a great win, beating the Angels. It may not matter much in the bigger scheme of things but it is a good win overall. Cahill looked great which hopefully will let him turn the corner. Anderson and Gonzalez are looking like they have figured it out, Mazzaro is still working, and Cahill is going good. The major turning point in the next couple games and the rest of the season is can the hitting finally take hold. Can Pennington hold down short, who plays third/first and what do we do in the outfield. Can Chris Carter play first or does Everidge/Barton take that spot. Do we expect Davis and Hairston to man the other outfield spots or does Buck and Cunningham take those openings. The pitching is set for years to come but do we have the hitting or do we become the Giants who have great pitching but no other hitter but Sandoval. Let me know your thoughts



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