Thursday, August 27, 2009

End of Night

The work day is finally over for me and its almost time to go home. I get to sit back and relax until the last movie exits the building. That is probably the worst thing as an assistant manager I have to sit her and wait till the patrons from the last movie Inglorious Bastards. If you follow Bay Area sports then you should know I am a huge A's and 49ers fan. The 49ers are looking good and my A's look better but are still a ways away from competing. Hoping to go to a couple more A's games and I'm definitely read for Football to start. I wanted to keep my season tickets for the 49ers but finance are scarce and I had to let them go. But I will still try to get out to see a couple games this year so GO NINERS! Hope everyone has a good night.

P.S any info on movies send me some questions. I can answer most info on when tickets will be available for new movies and will try to add some reviews coming up.



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