Monday, September 21, 2009

49ers vs Seahawks

49ers pull out a great win as they beat the rivals from the northwest the Seattle Seahawks. It was another great day fro the defense as they limited the Seahawks to only 10 points. They defense is fast become one of the better groups in the NFL. The pass rush is there, the linebackers are all over the field the field and the corners are shutting down the passing game. I know it it only 2 weeks into the season but I feel better now than at any point last season because both sides of the ball are playing great. The defense is doing everything it needs to and then some. Yes the sack numbers are not there but that has little to do with pressure. They are all around the quarterback getting close to the sack. Seattle has a quick passing game so the sacks are just not going to be there because they get the ball out so fast. The linebackers are pairing with that front group to almost completely shut down the running game of the opposition. Julius Jones was shut down after having rushed for 100yds last week. The secondary has been amazing to start the season with two great weeks. They are covering almost the whole field and making the quarterbacks life difficult and the passing opportunities hard to come by.

We finally see the offense we expected to see from the 49ers. The running games was explosive and the passing game did what it was supposed to, not turn over the ball. Frank Gore had 2 long runs as the offensive line opened hole after hole for Gore. The passing game still is a question mark as we move on into Minnesota. Running the ball will be difficult and Morgan and the other receivers not named Bruce have not been getting open. Morgan has got to get open so that the opposing defenses cannot just settle on stopping the run and ignore the wide outs.

All in all a great game from the Niners and we are looking forward to a battle with Minnesota and AP Adrian Peterson



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