Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SF 49ers vs Cardinals

This game was physical and ugly. It was a battle and I am sure that Singletary loved every minute of it. The Defense looked great and the offense looked ok if do not include the third quarter. The offense line needs to get it going as they were horrible in pass blocking and did not open any holes for the running game. The MVPs of this game was definitely the defense. Willis once again lead us in tackles and the D-Line had pressure on Warner all game. They held the explosive Cardinal receivers in check and shut down the run. The really only downside was they continually left Hightower open in the flat as the 100 yd would show. But all in all the defense showed they could pressure the passer and force turnovers. Now on to the hard part. The offense looked o.k time to time but were pretty much outplayed the whole game. The running attack was non-existant and the passing game looked fair. If we want to be the team we should be the offensive line needs to open holes and get Gore 100yds running a game at least. The whole offensive group did show us something by the way they finished. The last couple of years in this situation we would have turned the ball over or messed the drive and lose. But this team seems different. It seems to have reached the level ,with Singletary's lead, that shows they may have turned the corner.
Offensive Line: D (Pressure, lack of running lanes and Pressure)
Defensive Line: A (Pressure, Pressure Pressure)
Quarterback: B (did not turn the ball over and the final drive was great)
Running Backs: INC. (they got no room to run)
Receivers (TE & WR): C (did good on final drive but need more out of them)
Linebackers: B
Defensive Backs: B
Special Teams: A
Coaching: A++++ (The timeout and the challenge for 12 men)
Overall: B (because all the groups finished strong and got the win)

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