Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oakland A's on a roll

The A's have won again beating the Rangers for the second day in a row. The offense is scoring runs and the pitching has been great. When you get a complete game performance from Brett Tomko you know things are going great. The players are finally showing they belong with Pennington and Davis leading the way. At least to start next season I would expect the starters in the field to be like this: Cust - DH, Buck - LF, Davis - CF, Sweeney - RF, Barton - 1B, Ellis - 2B, Pennington - SS, ??? - 3B. I still have no idea who plays third base next season as Kennedy may resign, or Wallace or Chavez may take this spot. Third will probably be one of the few spots going into next season outside of maybe first if Carter or Everidge can push Barton out. All we can hope is that this new found offense and good young pitching can lead us back to the higher side of .500.



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